Many visitors are unaware that on the final day of the ascent, they hike through the night to arrive at the summit just before dawn. Hiking that night under the full moon is a good option. This illuminates the magnificent glaciers under the full moon, which provides breathtaking scenery.

Trekking with a full moon has practical benefits as well. Your path is illuminated. On a clear night with a full moon, you can usually avoid using a head torch while (just remember to bring one just in case the situation changes). You can also spend the night at the summit.

Full Moon Month’s 2023

January 7

February 5

March 7

April 6

May 5

June 4

July 3

August 1 and 31

September 29

October 28

November 27

December 27

Wolf Moon

Snow Moon

Worm Moon

Pink Moon

Flower Moon

Strawberry Moon

Buck Moon

Sturgeon Moon and Blue Moon

Corn Moon

Hunter’s Moon

Beaver Moon

Cold Moon