You can volunteer with us virtually, or in Tanzania. We also work closely with the Shalom Center, so it might be possible to spend some time helping them as well. 

Children at the Shalom Center. Let’s spread love, and from the money we make, we can give them a bit.

Why Volunteer?

Our mission is to interact with people from different parts of the world. We love meeting and talking with new people. 

We want to share with you the many things we have in Tanzania, such as the culture that differs from tribe to tribe. We want you to taste the local foods, as well as learn about Tanzanian crafts and paintings.  We will also show you our traditional dances.

We are a local company. We will make you enjoy the local life from the moment you are in Tanzania.

Volunteer in Tanzania

We’re looking for someone who can help us promote ourselves online. We’re also open and flexible to other suggestions and want to use the strengths that you have.

Volunteer Virtually

Work with our international online advisers on any number of projects as they come up.

Shalom Center

We work very closely with the Shalom Center and are happy to work out an arrangement where you spend half your time working with the orphanage and half your time working with us.

Who Can Volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program, speak English, and have at least a high-school education. 

Volunteers will be accepted on a rolling basis. Preference will be given to those that can stay longer than two months.

You must either provide proof of the Covid vaccine, or submit to weekly testing.

Room and Board

If you volunteer at the Shalom Center, they offer room and board for $20 a day. Other hostels also offer a bed for $20 a day. 

What Additional Costs Will I Have?

  • Visa (US $100 for US nationals and US $50 for non-US nationals).
  • Work permit (US $120).
  • Flights.
  • Travel insurance (recommended).
  • Vaccines (see the section called Who Can Volunteer).

What Should I Bring

You’ll want to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel, especially if you plan to take any trips or go on safari while you are here.

How Do I Apply

Email us your resume and cover letter saying why and how you are interested in working with us.