Expressing love for our porters is not expected, but appreciated. Some people who climb Mt. Kilimanjaro wants to aid our porters in some way. Here is how you can express your admiration for porters (wagumu).

We provide their food, clothing, and housing on the mountain. But you may join us and provide them with clothing and shelter. Gently used clothing is acceptable. 

Bring socks, gloves, sleeping bags, a warm cap, warm and rainproof coats, warm and waterproof pants, ponchos, and possibly a pair of boots or tennis shoes.

Alternatively, you can assist by personally tipping porters rather than collecting tips and delivering them to the guide. 

Additionally, you can get in touch with us if you feel moved and want to help one of the porters with their education. We can create a brighter tomorrow for others by working together.

Mgumu at work, ie. hardworking person