Budget camping safaris are simple and affordable, designed for those who don’t mind roughing it a bit! 

You’ll feel connected to nature. Imagine being in a tent at night with wild animals wandering around outside — lions roaring, and hyenas laughing. 

The camping crew, together with equipment and provisions, travels separately in a support vehicle ahead of you, so that when you arrive at the campsite everything is prepared — tents up, meals cooking, and hot water ready for a shower. You’ll either stay in a campsite with other groups or at a private campsite, inside your own bivouac tents, and in sleeping bags on mattresses.

Most guests prefer bringing their own sleeping bag. Accommodation is provided in spacious walk-in tents with twin beds made of fine tropical wood, mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and two foldable bedside tables.

The mess tent is spacious and well ventilated, with dining tables and chairs, cutlery, crockery, and table cloth. The cook prepares three delicious meals a day. 

A 4-wheel drive (4×4), manned by a driver guide experienced in camping and accompanied by your cook, tows a custom-built trailer carrying camping equipment and provisions. 

The public campsite provides basic washroom facilities. Washroom facilities are set on the far end, and include a hot water-bucket shower and a chemical toilet. 

Camelopardalis Girrafa (Giraffe). The giraffa species’ highest animal inhabiting Africa